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      Waste Separation 1. Recyclables are articles that are suitable for recovery and recycling. WASTE PAPER: used books, newspapers and magazines, cartons, calendars, envelopes, paper bags, rolls of paper, leaflets, advertising paper, packaging paper products and other unsoiled paper products. Waste plastics: plastic bottles, shampoo and bath bottles, cooking oil barrels, milk bottles, bowls, bowls, foam plastic, shoes, toys, clothes rack, flower pot, tray and other clean plastic products. Waste glass: seasoning bottles, wine bottles, vases, glass cups and plates, Glass Crafts, broken glass and other non-containing impurities of glass products. SCRAP METAL: CANS, metal milk powder cans, metal boxes (CANS) , pots, kettles, stainless steel tableware, nails, screwdrivers, knife blades, waste wire, hanger and other metal products. Waste Fabric: Clothing, curtains and other textile products. Glass bottles, plastic bottles, cans and other contents should be emptied, cleaned and put. Can Not sell, there is no recycling channels, can be put into other garbage. Recyclables that are easily damaged or have sharp edges should be wrapped and dropped. Express packaging, according to the material, the paper box into the waste paper recyclable, plastic packaging bag knot, can be classified into the waste plastic recyclable. The wooden furniture with strong integrity and can not be disassembled should be put into large pieces of garbage. Gas Cans and fire extinguishers are made of metal, but they should be recovered by manufacturers, sales shops or professional companies. They should not be directly put into recyclable collection containers. Large pieces of garbage should be scheduled for recycling enterprises, property service companies or domestic waste sorting collection units to collect, or placed in designated collection points. * Electrical and electronic products should be ordered for collection by property service companies or placed at designated collection points in accordance with the recall information marked in the product description or after-sales service organization. 2. Food and kitchen garbage refers to the household life of the residents of perishable, perishable odorous waste. Head and tail of vegetable, meat and egg food, Peel and core of melon and fruit, leftovers, confectionery, pet food, hydroponic plants, etc. . TIPS: Animal Tube bones, pig, sheep and cow skulls; Durian Shell, Coconut Shell and nut shell such as Walnut Shell, melon seed Shell and Peanut Shell; rice dumpling leaf, corn cob, corn cob, Oyster Shell, scallop Shell, snail shell, etc. By other garbage. Storage of food waste in domestic food waste containers after the water is drained and the packaging is removed. The garbage bags should be removed from the refuse collection point and placed in the food waste collection container and other garbage collection containers. Paper towels and toothpicks belong to other rubbish. Avoid mixing them with kitchen waste. Domestic Waste Chloroplastida do not belong to kitchen waste, should be separated from soil, pots, plants, cultivated soil can be reused or used for residential greening, plants as other waste, pots by category. : : Leftovers of fast food should be drained and placed in food waste collection containers. Containers or packages should be placed as other waste. Residents are encouraged to put their lunch boxes into recyclable collection containers after cleaning. The collection and treatment of dead livestock, pets and Tangerines is regulated separately, and special collection and treatment is carried out. 3. Hazardous waste refers to the life of the human health or the natural environment caused by direct or potential hazards of the material. WASTE BATTERIES: rechargeable batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, button batteries, etc. . WASTE LAMP: energy-saving Lamp, fluorescent lamp, etc. . Waste Drugs Category: abandoned and expired drugs and their packaging, etc. . Waste Chemicals: Paints and their drums, pesticides, disinfectants, rat poison, pesticides and their packaging, Nail Polish and its packaging containers, nail Polish remover and its packaging containers, Mousse bottles, hair dyes and its packaging containers, etc. . WASTE MERCURY: Mercury Sphygmomanometer, Mercury-in-glass thermometer, etc. . Waste Film and Waste Photographic Paper: X-ray, photographic film, etc. . Tips ● handle with care and do not break containers or packages of hazardous waste. Fragile or contains liquid hazardous waste should be accompanied by packaging or parcel delivery, to prevent breakage or leakage. The pesticide pressure tank should be put lightly and can not be pressed. 4. Other garbage refers to the residents'household garbage besides kitchen garbage, harmful garbage and recyclables. It mainly includes mixed, dirty and easily confused paper, plastic, used clothes and other textiles, discarded daily necessities, cleaning residue, bone shells, hard fruit shells, nuts, ceramic products and other household garbage. Such as: Soiled paper boxes, stickers, wax paper, fax paper, Soiled Plastic Wrap, flexible hose, soiled lunch boxes, garbage bags, mirrors and other coated glass products, nylon products, woven bags, old towels, underwear, disposable batteries, LED lamps, animal tube bones, Zongzi leaves, corn cobs, corn husks, oyster shells, seashells, snail shells, durian shells, coconut shells, walnut shells, peanut shells, toothpick dental floss, cat litter, pet feces, cigarette butts, broken footwear, desiccant, waste cosmetics, hair, broken dishes, broken vases, band AIDS, eyeglasses, wood and bamboo cutlery, wood and bamboo cutting boards, potting plants, road-swept leaves, road-swept ash and so on. Tips ● refuse that can not be classified properly can be treated as other refuse and placed in other refuse collection containers. Ceramic Toilet, ceramic bath crock, ceramic tile, according to the disposal method of household decoration rubbish. : : Household Decoration waste and household waste should be collected separately, and the decoration waste should be bagged and put into designated places. Remember garbage classification "secret book" Home ``good classification" time "carry downstairs" fixed point "accurate cast" can be sold to sell harmful separate dry wet to separate
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