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      Site Notice:
      Guangdong LiChuan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd
      National Hotline:133-6033-1469
      Contact Us
      Guangdong Address: Shunde District of Foshan City, Guangdong Province, the new Liang Kau along the North Road, No. 49

      Tel: 0757-28669886 /13360331469

      Fax: 0757-28669887
      mail: SD1469@163.com
      QQ:   2847182074

      About Us
      Current Location:Home > About Us

      Guangdong LiChuan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd is a professional production and sales of plastic pallets, plastic turnover me, plastic sanitation trash, shelves and other warehousing logistics with large plastic products business.  We have first-class production testing equipment, a number of high-quality management and technical personnel, excellent production environment. The company has bending strength, tensile strength, impact strength, high and low temperature test, melt index test and other complete plastic test equipment. According to the market and customer needs, the company independently developed more than 10 new products each year, now has more than 200 kinds of specifications complete the plastic tray, turnover boxes and other products.

      Development and production of products, widely used in automobiles, food, tobacco, medicine, paper, printing, electronic appliances, e-commerce, chemical, clothing, textile, warehousing logistics, sanitation, salt, fertilizer and other industries.
      East extension shelves: set product development, production, sales, installation in one, to provide customers with warehousing products through-train service, but also for the logistics for the perfect supporting services.
      Over the years, our hearts have been a dream, to now still insist on insisting: is to modernize the logistics and warehousing industry, brick and tile, fill in the diesel fuel. In view of this, we quietly focus on the development of logistics products, production and transportation, they will be sent to the enterprise where they need most. The company through years of healthy development, in order to adapt to the development of the company and better serve customers, and to meet customer, logistics, personalized production, we vigorously promote the standardization, convenience, automation products, but also according to the actual needs of customers , Tailored personalized products to more close to the actual use of the demand, so that the product more flexible and intelligent.
      We care about protecting the environment, pursuing continuous recycling, protecting forests, and sharing green future!

      Corporate purposes:
      Create new value for plastics
      You entrusted me to carry
      Implementation of low-carbon environmental protection, protection of forests
      Continuous innovation standardization, convenience, automation, intelligent products
      Continue to create business, staff, social and win-win friendship and harmonious environment

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