About CDE Missions - Values

Missions - Values

CDE’s mission is to provide a public utility service.
This mission is based on:
•    Treatment, transportation, distribution and marketing of drinking water within the areas under lease ;
•    Carrying out maintenance and repairs of all assets assigned to the operation of the leased services
•    The realization of extension and rehabilitation works in compliance with the terms of the lease contract
•    The improvement of access to drinking with a view to enhancing the service ration.

In order to groom a corporate culture with which the entire staff can identify, and which should be beneficial to customers and bearing of results, CDE fosters the following three values which underpin and guide collective and individual actions within the firm:

•    Good governance, with a view to putting an end to archaic methods of management and set CDE on the path of efficiency and success
•    Professionalism, as the firm is endowed with women and men of worth capable of restoring its letters patent of nobility
•    Quality of service, for by its trade and contractual commitments, such are the duty and responsibility of CDE towards it customers