Les réseaux de transport et de distribution d’eau de Douala et de Yaoundé numérisés

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La numérisation du réseau de transport et de distribution d’eau potable a été l’une des innovations introduites dans la gestion du secteur du service public de l’eau potable avec l’avènement de la Camerounaise des Eaux. La CDE dès 2009 avait lancé un vaste projet visant la numérisation des plans des réseaux de distribution de l’eau potable des deux grandes agglomérations du Cameroun, Douala et Yaoundé.

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CDE once more launches connections at discount prices

25,000 water connections at discount prices are now available to Cameroonians. This operation is part of a programme to improve access to drinking water for Cameroonian households.

The customer shall be expected to pay only 10% of the total connection quotation exclusive of tax, plus the full amount of his/her subscription fees.

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Better handling of customers

Better handling of customers


CDE has developed a new consumer management application which will be commissioned in the next few days. This application is a response to technological developments, the requirements of the lease contract and the performance contract, and of course the expectations of operators and customers.

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CDE Investment Programme

CDE has instituted an investment programme with the following objectives:

  • Ensure continuity in operations and improvements in the quality of the water treated and supplied
  • Guarantee compliance with contractual objectives, notably, a target distribution efficiency of 82% within 6 years and a production efficiency of 95%
  • Facilitate the standardization and modernization of the various aspects of management and the exploitation of the industrial tool

Substance of the programme:
•    Replacement and rehabilitation of pipes and certain equipment
•    Control of water quality
•    Replacement of meters and connections
•    Acquisition of material operational resources

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Cameroon launches a programme of welfare connections

The World Bank has, within the framework of the Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid (GPOBA) granted Cameroon an aid package worth US$ 5.25 millions that is FCFA 2.2 milliard. The GPOBA is a multi-donor fund jointly set up in January 2003 by the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID) and the World Bank and managed by the World Bank. It is funded by DFID and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a subsidiary of the World Bank Group involved in financing the private sector.

This program, which is supposed to last four years aims at expanding coverage in potable water supply through domestic connections in urban areas. The main target is the underprivileged population, especially the poor households living on less than 1 dollar per day per person. The plan is to provide 250 000 people with drinking water by subsidizing 50 000 connections.

The eligibility criteria during the first two years of the project are limited to new connections for domestic use of diameter less than or equal to 20mm and of length not exceeding 25 metres in urbanized areas and 50 metres in non-urbanized areas or the periphery thereof. Connections of this type installed in housing estates served by private extensions are not eligible.

People who are interested in these promotional connections are invited to call at CDE Sectors or Centres

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