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CDE Investment Programme

CDE has instituted an investment programme with the following objectives:

  • Ensure continuity in operations and improvements in the quality of the water treated and supplied
  • Guarantee compliance with contractual objectives, notably, a target distribution efficiency of 82% within 6 years and a production efficiency of 95%
  • Facilitate the standardization and modernization of the various aspects of management and the exploitation of the industrial tool

Substance of the programme:
•    Replacement and rehabilitation of pipes and certain equipment
•    Control of water quality
•    Replacement of meters and connections
•    Acquisition of material operational resources

To this end, an emergency rehabilitation programme was launched in 2009 in
the cities of Douala and Yaoundé for which CDE is the delegated supervisor.

CDE has undertaken a set of measures geared towards:

•    Modernizing operations and auxiliary activities: human resources, marketing computerization, remote processing, etc.
•    Technical assistance to Camwater for the execution of these extension and renovation projects
•    The improvement of working conditions: administrative buildings, computer equipment, office equipment, means of transport.

Project 1

Within the framework of the missions it is vested with, CDE ensures the management and supervision of major new technical projects, the rehabilitation of certain defective structures, the verification of the terms of reference of the design and execution of projects in its capacity as foreman and finally the supervision of the maintenance of civil engineering structures and electromechanical and electrical equipment

CDE has undertaken certain emergency works in the cities of Douala and Yaoundé. [Lien vers texte actualité] These works that form part of a medium term operational plan, are directed towards rehabilitating the drinking water supply system with the main objective of upgrading the facilities to their nominal capacity in the spheres of civil engineering and electronics.